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BBC's Watchdog: "Banks Still Denying Claims From Consumers"

Anne Robinson from BBC's Watchdog says, "Banks are denying customers compensation - and are turning down wholly legitimate claims by the thousands".

Fiona Phillips, also from Watchdog, commented "When judging PPI claims, they are not always right - in reality some banks appear strangely reluctant to part with their money despite all their promises to compensate". She continued, "Getting your money back can be remarkably difficult. The banks are failing spectacularly to put things right".

The Chief Ombudsman added that "Some banks even say that the customer never had PPI in the first place, but when we ask a few more questions we find that actually about a quarter of the customers did have PPI"

The Financial Times Adviser has commented on why 100's of thousands of people use claim companies instead of going direct to the lender: "It all comes down to the fact that when customers had complaints they were often fobbed off or met with tactics designed to grind them into submission. Or they simply found the miss-selling claims procedure too complex to handle on their own."

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Billions of Pounds Available

The Financial Services Industry has set aside billions of pounds.

From these funds they will refund their customers that they have wrongly sold PPI insurance to when they sold them loans, mortgages, HP or credit cards. If PPI was missold, ensure you claim your refund from the Newcastle Building Society (or any other company you may have PPI with) straight away.

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Credit Providers That Sold PPI

There are 100's of companies other than Newcastle Building Society who also sold PPI which we can pursue a refund from if they wrongly sold you a PPI policy. Please note that not all credit providers missold PPI and this particular credit provider may not have missold PPI. PPI providers include:

Abbey Loans
Alliance and Leicester
American Express
Bank of America
Bankof Ireland
Bank of Scotland
Barclays Bank
Birmingham Midshires
Black Horse Finance
BMW Financial
Bradford and Bingley
Bristol and West
Capital Bank
Capital One
Chelsea Building Society
Clydesdale Bank
Consumer Loans
Coventry Building Society
Direct Line
First Direct
First Plus

GE Money
HFC Bank
Legal and General
Lombard Direct
Morgan Stanley
Nationwide Building Society
Newcastle Building Society
Northern Rock
Norton Finance
Norwich and Peterborough
Picture Finance
Picture Loans
Ulster Bank
Welcome Finance
Yorkshire Bank

More Companies That Sold PPI

Was I Wrongly Sold PPI?

PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) is sold to borrowers alongside many credit arrangements including loans, mortgages, hire purchase and car insurance...

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PPI News Snippets

Tesco Suffers Setback Tesco has taken a £57 million charge to cover alleged misselling of PPI. (FT)

Banks pay out £215m in PPI refund claims Barclays has allocated £1bn to cover compensation claims over PPI. The financial sector paid out £215m in compensation to victims of the PPI mis-selling scandal in the 1st half of the year, the FSA said. (Yorkshire Post)

NatWest Customer Claims Rise by 75 Percent Complaints for insurance-related products at Nat West rose during the past year, increasing by 227 percent. PPI accounted for 31 percent and 47 percent of all complaints at NatWest and RBS respectively. RBS said earlier this year it had set aside £850 million to pay PPI claims.(Telegraph)

PPI claims rise at RBS group The RBS group, including Nat West, has set aside £850m to pay its PPI mis-selling claims bill. Claims for the mis-selling of payment protection insurance (PPI) have surged at RBS and NatWest. In the first half of the year, PPI gripes made up 31 percent of all NatWest complaints and 47 percent of those to RBS. They pushed total NatWest complaints up 24 percent to 147,109 and RBS complaints up 27 percent to 68,414. (BBC)

HSBC risks FSA action after missing PPI claims deadline HSBC looks set incur the wrath of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) after missing the deadline to clear its backlog of PPI misselling claims. (This is Money)

Barclays: PPI complaints 'To Keep Rising' Barclays was one of the first to say it would settle PPI claims. Barclays Bank is expecting PPI claims to continue to rise after a 93% increase in the 1st half of the year. Barclays says that PPI claims had soared after banks lost their legal challenge on PPI rules in April. It received over 73,000 insurance claims, mostly about PPI, up from 38,000 in the same period of 2010. Overall, Barclays saw a 14% drop in complaints about its services. (BBC)

PPI charge hits Santander profits Santander has set aside more than half a billion pounds to cover the costs of UK PPI claims. Profits after tax and the PPI charge were £300 ml. Santander is the latest bank to reveal its PPI charge after Lloyds set aside £3.2 billion, RBS £850 ml, Barclays £1 billion and HSBC £270 ml. (Independent)

Financial compensation payments increase The FSCS has paid out £535m, driven partly by PPI claims. The FSCS is expecting a huge volume of claims relating to PPI in the coming year, after 20% of new claims in the last financial year were about PPI. Some sellers of the PPI insurance, which in many cases was missold, subsequently went bust, leading to the claims. (BBC)

FCA will have 'lower risk tolerance' than FSA: The FSA said the incoming regulator, the FCA, would have powers to spot and eliminate issues earlier: "In response to the misselling of PPI, the FSA has intervened robustly to secure redress of consumer detriment. (FT Adviser)

Which PPI: PPI scandal: BBA says "We did nothing wrong": Nearly 2 months after abandoning its legal battle over PPI misselling, the British Bankers' Association (BBA) is still trying to defend the banks’ behaviour. "We felt we had complied entirely of what was required," the BBA, told the audience at an event hosted by consumer group Which?. (CityWire)

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